Monday, May 17, 2004


Grains of Iraqi Sand

It never ceased to amaze me how large the Universe is! I often wondered how many stars, pulsars, quasars, etc. there were in the Universe.

Once, I even made a few calculations to try and visualize that enormous magnitude; I started from an ”estimate” of the number of stars astronomers believe there are in the known Universe, and represented each star by a grain of sand.

The result was something like a stretch of sand 10 meters wide, 1 meter deep and 100 kilometers long. Imagine that! Consider further that on average, these grains were so widely dispersed that light, traveling at 300 000 kilometers per second, took four years to reach the first star nearest to us!

Nowadays, I find myself equally fascinated by the number of “bits” of information connected to the internet.

Again, trying to visualize the magnitude using rough estimates, I found that, if each web page is represented by a sheet of paper, the total stack of sheets would be about 300 kilometers long!

Yet, one could reach any of these sheets in a fraction of a second!

These pages are some grains of sand from the ancient deserts of Iraq splashed onto sheets of paper and connected to the World Wide Web. They will hopefully be brought to you by silicon chips made from grains of sand from the deserts of America.


Abu it is great to see that anotther Iraqi is starting a blog I hope to see great things from yours. I like the metaphors.

Keep it up

Does this blog allow annonymous comments?

Do you really think the whole US was behind the treatment of the prisiners? no were not. weve been lied to. the press says there prisiners of war , meaning possible terrists. Thats why the people never complained untell the pictures whent on the news. then they were released. AND VERY WELL COMPIMSATED. I know money will not heal the wounds already layed. but for the iraqi people to take innocent people and brutaly exicute them, then play it on tv. all this will do is push the poeple behind our government, making the people think the war IS justified, weather it is or not, the killing of people will not make the goverment runn, but instead make America stand fast. People of America truly do belive that Iraqi people did need sadam out, we thought he was a vilan and criminal, was he? If so.... then why did the Iraqi people do nothing to oust his rule? If it was fine under his comand then why were we (the Americans) greated with open arms? To the people of the Us.. or me at least.. it seams that now the bad guys gone you feel that you can slapp the hand that helped your nation. If were to leave Iraq now, there is no way the tiny police for could controle iraq, leaving it open to others bad reigeaims(malitia groups). then your country will be in the same state now or wors. You say now the Us troops look easily aggitated? wouldnt you be too if evrybody you passed could be a possible bollet to your back. The cowerds fighting our young braves are hiding amungst there familys, in house's, in croud'd streets, they dont know hows there allie, OF course there scared. There suposed to be home now, but since the iraqis have an unlimited amount of militia members, then its becoming less, and less likely hood of a quike return of your nation...Its very good to see the feiws and opinions of the people that are there with the first hand look, since we cannot belive our media(LIES) its good to know whats really going on Thank you

And hopefully itll be over soon

Colin Powell made an impressive presentation at the UN in favor of the invasion. This presentation included what was previously, classified intelligence. This intelligence (about Iraq's WMD program) was disseminated to anyone and everyone at the UN who was willing to look at it. (To appease France and Russia.)

Have you ever thought about the possibility of Iran getting hold of that (previously classified) intelligence on Iraq's WMD program? What if they did? What do you think Iran would do if they found out where Saddam's WMD's were?

Do you think they would possibly take atvantage of the confusion created by an impending American invasion? Maybe in the confusion of an impending American invasion, Iran might have stolen the WMDs.

Wouldn't that explain Iran's sudden boldness in regard to taking the British seamen hostage for a brief period of time? Wouldn't that explain Iran's boldness in kicking out the IAEA, and telling the world that they're creating nuclear weapons, and there's nothing anyone can do about it?

If they're getting that bold, doesn't stand to reason that they have something to back that boldness up?

If that's the case, wasn't our ADMINISTRATION correct in it's reasoning for invading Iraq?

Just food for thought.

I like your 'Grains of Iraqi Sand' post. I've had similar thoughts - both on the number of stars and the number of bits of information out there. You wonder if there's a limit to the internet. Will there come a day when cyberspace is full?
Happy musings in the midst of the unfolding tragedy in Iraq. Wish you success with your blog.

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