Monday, May 17, 2004


An Iraqi Hand of Friendship!

After a year of “liberation”…

Hurt, violated, humiliated and bloodied, my country still in ruins, my life pure hell, still with no electricity, security in the streets, no good future in sight for my children, no prospect of any life improvement for my people…

Yet, I offer my hand in friendship … only on one simple condition:

Don’t hurt or damage my country or my people anymore.

Is that too much to ask?


I ask this not to minimize your plight, but out of curiousity: how did you post this without electricity?

Continuing from above, if you're offering your hand in friendship to a nebulous and mythical America from a nebulous and mythical Iraq, then I am not in a position to accept - I don't live in that mythical land. If you are offering your hand in friendship to an individual, on the other hand (pun intended), from the position of an individual, then I can accept, and I can say that the condition upon which you predicated your offer was met before you ever offered it. I cannot, however, speak for any one else.

Nobody escapes this earthly existence without pain, violation, humiliation and the loss of blood. Justice, fairness are not components of the equation that is used to mete out each individual's share of these things, nor is reason.

I can't help but wonder, though, whether the offer would be extended if I was Mexican, or Tuvaluan. Is the cessation of violence a required predicate to friendship?

Thanks for the offer - if you're offering it to me, then I accept.

To Abu,

I am on the internet looking for letters from Iraqi people because I was struck with sickening sadness today after reading yet another article about the terror you are in.

This article was written in an extremely popular American magazine, by an American journalist - and though this is no consolation, I hope with all of my heart you know that there are countless millions of us who despise this war - we are bitterly ashamed of what our country has done.

I will send my friendship to you through words and prayers.

And to weak and stupid "anonymous" - who's rambling on about nebulous and mythical crap - you can't minimize anyone's plight with an ignorant comment. I don't even want to dignify your statement with the obvious suggestion that perhaps Abu doesn't have electricity in his home, and is writing from the home of one of the few people who do have it. From a school maybe. Who knows, who cares?

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