Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Bizarre Fiasco

Some of the chaos in Iraq is turning into something tragically bizarre!

It has become almost commonplace for specialist doctors and university professors to be kidnapped in Iraq, sometimes for ransom, or simply killed. In quite a number of these incidents, those people were told to leave the country when released. Many have done so!

Iraq is frequently said to have the highest ratio of PhD's per capita in the world. I have not seen any hard statistics supporting this claim. In any case this is now, or will soon become, no longer true!

These "incidents" have been so common that most are no longer considered news items worthy of reporting!

It doesn't make sense!


Two items from Saturday's news:

• The Iraqi people generally feel a great deal of gratitude towards France and Germany for their position over what has been happening in Iraq. Neither has any armed force in Iraq.

It was therefore all the more perplexing that two French journalists were kidnapped by some "Islamic Army".

The condition for their release was the abolition of a new French legislation banning the display of religious symbols, including headscarves, in schools!!

• A lady professor was shot dead in her car in Mosul. According to news reports, she was killed because she taught English at Mosul University!!

So much freedom!

As Mr. Michael Ledeen would say: "Faster, please!"


Hello Abu Khaleel,
Iraq is a strange country where only criminals and terrorists can have weapons? Arm yourselves, fight back! There are two classes, sheep and wolves. Wolves eat sheep. Stop being sheep.

Abu, a lot of these criminals are hiding out in Fallujah. When the US troops went in to Fallujah, the Iraqi people, the Iraqi governing council and the Arab media all said that the US was committing genocide and should pull out.

Ok, so they pulled out and now you've got a crime problem.

The Iraqis need to choose one or the other. Do you want US troops to clamp down on Fallujah, or do you want them to leave Fallujah to the "glorious resistance"? It will be Allawi who decides, but you can always write to him and let him know what your opinion is. Or you could tell us here.

Iraq is now a sovereign country. Iraqis were keen to have sovereignty back. Ok, you've got it. So, what are you complaining about? All we did was replace Saddam with Allawi and end the sanctions. What could possibly be wrong with that? Is it OK to pull the troops out now?

I usually do not respond immediately to comments. I feel that this is the readers’ domain to express their views regarding what I write in the main post. I have not even responded to some rather outrageous statements made by some readers. But this time I feel I must correct a wrong “statement of fact” that is so casually made:

A statement like: "a lot of these criminals are hiding out in Fallujah." is incredible! It really means somebody is talking about something that he knows nothing about!

Sitting half-way across the world in Australia, Mr. Edwards is authoritatively telling us where those criminals are hiding.

The incidents I have mentioned have nothing to do with Fallujah. Please read what I write before commenting. It might help!

I find this little piece of reasoning quite illustrative of not only Mr. Edwards' mode of reasoning, but also of neocons' generally:

1. Starting with a false premise: "a lot of these criminals are hiding out in Fallujah." ...

2. to justifying something as horrible as genocide ...

3. and make sweeping, uninformed and totally wrong explanation of a totally separate phenomenon: "and now you've got a crime problem."
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