Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Bizarre Fiasco

Some of the chaos in Iraq is turning into something tragically bizarre!

It has become almost commonplace for specialist doctors and university professors to be kidnapped in Iraq, sometimes for ransom, or simply killed. In quite a number of these incidents, those people were told to leave the country when released. Many have done so!

Iraq is frequently said to have the highest ratio of PhD's per capita in the world. I have not seen any hard statistics supporting this claim. In any case this is now, or will soon become, no longer true!

These "incidents" have been so common that most are no longer considered news items worthy of reporting!

It doesn't make sense!


Two items from Saturday's news:

• The Iraqi people generally feel a great deal of gratitude towards France and Germany for their position over what has been happening in Iraq. Neither has any armed force in Iraq.

It was therefore all the more perplexing that two French journalists were kidnapped by some "Islamic Army".

The condition for their release was the abolition of a new French legislation banning the display of religious symbols, including headscarves, in schools!!

• A lady professor was shot dead in her car in Mosul. According to news reports, she was killed because she taught English at Mosul University!!

So much freedom!

As Mr. Michael Ledeen would say: "Faster, please!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Muqtada’s Army

Who Are These People?

I have heard and read so much nonsense recently regarding Muqtada’s Mahdi army from Iraqis and from others. One notable exception is Professor Juan Cole’s down to earth account of Muqtada’s stand on a number of issues.

You would be surprised by how these people’s stand is admired by so many Iraqis. Yet, many despise them! There are even quite a number of jokes circulating in Baghdad at the moment about their generally obnoxious behavior. I have heard one of them saying that he couldn’t even buy food in Najaf with his own money.

Contradictory? Yes!

It is because these people are in fact the mob, the riff raff, the down-trodden, the dispossessed, the jobless and the hungry. This is what they are… and there are several millions of them.

They could find no common denominator to bring them together but their Shiism. But most are not religious! They have deep respect for their sect and their religion, but most are not devout Muslims. (I don’t know how confusing this may sound to an American, but it is true nevertheless). The roots of their misfortune are really economic and historic in nature, not religious or sect-related.

There was no one else to unify and lead them; Muqtada comes from a respected, mostly religious family. His father defied Saddam and conducted mass Friday prayers shrouded with the white piece of cloth used to wrap the dead in burial (hence Muqtada’s white cloth on Fridays). He was killed.

But Muqtada is not (strictly speaking) a religious authority. He is not old enough or high enough in the scholarly religious hierarchy.

Muqtada’s problem unfortunately stems from the incompetence, the mishandling and the mismanagement of the US administration and the occupying authority. When the Iraq Governing Council (IGC) was constructed, he was completely ignored. This was ironic because he had more supporters than any other member of that council. In fact, he had more supporters than the majority of IGC members combined!!

His newspaper was closed at a critical time of the Fallujah massacre and the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. He was finally declared an enemy of the occupation. He took a nationalistic stand.

Muqtada’s people in Najaf will probably be dispersed. But keep an eye on developments in the Sadr City of Baghdad. That will prove to be a tougher nut to crack. It is their home-town and it is much larger than Fallujah.

When these people are dispersed, they will simply go home, but they will still be there. Most are now resentful… and they cannot be ignored indefinitely.

These are human beings! They deserve to be heard and fairly represented… and they do deserve a better life. There are situations where the dispossessed are powerful simply because they are dispossessed.

Sunday, August 22, 2004


Neocon Grip

Some Good News!

Over a period of three months, I have tried to give you an idea of what has happened in Iraq during the past 17 months from an Iraqi point of view. I have outlined some of the mistakes, the wrong policies and some of the resulting damage. I have even tried to locate the source of this misfortune!

Ever since 9/11, the neocons have been extremely influential in running US foreign policy, the pre-war campaign in the US and the post-war campaign in Iraq. Their policies have not only failed miserably, but have led to disaster both to Iraq and to America. This view has been confirmed by numerous non-partisan prominent Americans who have held senior positions in the US government and army.

However, realities fortunately govern this world. And politicians operate almost totally within the realms of reality. In America, this invariably seems to mean “election” reality (which is a good thing really). I therefore do not expect the present US administration to publicly admit these errors. That would be political suicide, especially in an election year.

But if you look closely at the changes taking place in handling the Iraqi file by the administration, particularly since the Fallujah massacre and the prisoner-abuse scandal, you can see a dramatic shift of policy.

This has been demonstrated by the compromises the administration has had to make to reach consensus for UN Security council Resolution 1546. [Details posted below].

It is also manifested by the substantially increased involvement of the State Department in Iraq’s management.

Another important indicator has been the fall from grace of the neocons' chief crony Mr. Chalabi – for a long time their hope for a new Iraqi leader.

All these events indicate that the grip of the neocons on the Iraqi business and on foreign policy has been loosening - Not because somebody suddenly discovered that they were immoral, but because they were leading the administration itself to disaster.

I find some consolation in this! But we have to keep in mind two facts:

1. The damage that has already been done to Iraq and to America has been enormous.
2. These people still hold the same positions of responsibility in the administration, ready to take charge, riding on a wave of fear and hatred, when conditions are again "favorable".


UN Resolution 1546

[I had published this post early in June (6/9/2004) immediately after the resolution was passed. I later felt that perhaps it was too soon, so I removed it. Now I’m reposting it again to illustrate the points I make in the coming post above.]

The new Security Council resolution about Iraq marks a very significant shift in the present American administration's attitude towards the world community. Many people may not have the time to go through it in detail, so here are some of the more important highlights:

1. The Interim Government of Iraq refrains from taking any actions affecting Iraq's destiny beyond the limited interim period. [A sharp departure from previous policies!]

2. Holding of direct democratic elections by 31 December 2004 if possible, and in no case later than 31 January 2005 [Now there is a time limit]

3. Iraqi security forces (army, police and border enforcement) operate under the authority of the Interim Government of Iraq and its successors. [A reversal of recent policy!]

4. The mandate for the multinational force shall be reviewed at the request of the Government of Iraq or twelve months from the date of this resolution, and that this mandate shall expire upon the completion of the political process set out ... above, and ...it will terminate this mandate earlier if requested by the Government of Iraq. [No danger of a veto anymore!]

5. [The Security Council] calls on Member States and international organizations to respond to Iraqi requests to assist Iraqi efforts to integrate Iraqi veterans and former militia members into Iraqi society. [Possibility of national reconciliation now exists!]


The neo-conservatives in the present US administration lose miserably! Neo-colonialism loses miserably! Those people who wanted to shape a segmented and fragmented Iraq for decades to come lose miserably!

The "hawks" of the present US administration could not carry on with total disergard to the world community... while they were losing the battle on the ground!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


It's a Doctrine

Don't dismiss it easily - it has enormous influence

So much of what has been happening over the past 16 months did not make sense to most Iraqis. Conspiracy theorists have been having a "good year"… and, believe me, there are many of them in Iraq.

I have been trying hard to find out some reason or justification for all those horrible mistakes and excesses or, better still, the source of all the tragedies that have beset my country and my people and the damage that is being done to both of our countries.


It is not the Republican Party! It's a doctrine.

The theorist and the strategist who was concocting plan after plan to achieve a certain vision of the future of America and Mankind is someone called Michael Ledeen who seems to have a surprisingly large influence on the present administration. I have spent many hours reading this man's writings (and they are many!). I was truly shaken!

It's a doctrine and this man is its guru.

The general starting premises are US defense (especially against terrorism), liberty and democracy. Noble enough! But if you examine the methods and the morality behind everything you will find so much contempt and disregard for so many values that decent human beings anywhere on earth cherish, including morality, justice, culture...

Two important concepts of this doctrine stand out: "Creative destruction" and "total war". You will find expressions like" Creative destruction is our middle name. We do it automatically".

If you remove the façade (the democracy and liberty pretense), this man reminds me of another fanatic: Adolph Hitler.

Hitler did not say that he was mad! He also tried to wrap his sick distorted visions in facades acceptable to ordinary people and tickled primitive feelings of pride, power, superiority and nationalism… he also declared that he had a "noble" mission. He probably even believed that. So did many of those fanatics that followed him.

So many similarities: self-righteousness, fanaticism, stark selfishness, lack of any compassion, total disregard for human life and a doctrine based on fear, enemies, hatred and destruction. You can even find explanations for superiority in terms of genetic make-up … and, not surprisingly, both share a passion for Machiavelli!

[Please don't take my word for it; do your own search; it's all there. You need to know the views as well as the extent of their influence on the neocons in the present administration.]

I cannot understand how such outrageous views could have so much influence on a democratically-elected political administration in any civilized society.


American Conservatives and Republicans:

Even if you do not care much for the innocent Iraqi blood unnecessarily spilled and even if you do not care for the suffering of millions, then for the sake of all that American blood spilled and will yet be spilled in Iraq, in the US and elsewhere, I urge you to read this gentleman's publications carefully and critically. Perhaps then you may start to wonder how such fanaticism could have so much influence on the United States of America and its future course.

If I were a Republican or an American conservative, I would be in quite a dilemma. Republicans will be voting for a variety of social, economic and political issues but they will also be indirectly voting for this doctrine to have continued influence over their administration for four more years.

Hitler, you might remember, was elected into office.

This doctrine is even more dangerous to America than the enemies it aims to defeat because under this doctrine, America would not only lose the very foundations that made it powerful but would also lose its soul.


Update 8/19/2004

1. Hitler was not elected into office in the American sense. He entered into a coalition as a leader of the largest party in the Reichstag in 1933. I thank (Mark of Chi-Town) for pointing this out.

2. I have noticed that a few commentators ridiculed the claim that this doctrine has significant influence… without doing any serious search! Google is a wonderful tool at your fingertip. Use only the sources that you can trust whether from the mainstream left or right. It may well be worth your while.

3. This is not a conspiracy-theory wild allegation. There is no conspiracy. Neocons have a doctrine that operates in the open. They have complete political control of DoD and important presence in the State Department.


US Mistake 11: Cronycracy

I was hoping not to have to make any more updates to that much-hated blog "US Mistakes in Iraq" but I find that current developments don't leave me an option.

I have therefore added another mistake: Crony-cracy.

Saturday, August 14, 2004


Ledeen’s Iraq

For those who weren't sufficiently "intrigued" by my last post quoting Mr. Michael Ledeen (the present neocon program architect) to read his writings, I offer some illustrations from an article by Mr. Ledeen, "Panic as Policy?" published on Thursday, April 29, 2004 at National Review Online that relates to Iraq. I recommend reading the full article so that you can see the quotes below in their true context. It is more frighteningly revealing. An example:

"Like many others, I would have preferred our armed forces to pursue the murderers of the four security men, and to arrest or destroy them and their henchmen in Fallujah… "

After the death of more than 700 people including some 200 women and children (not to mention the injured) to avenge the ugly murder of four security men by a few villains through 21 days of bombing and mass punishment… the man wants more blood!

This is ugly! However, the article does contain a few amusing gems that demonstrate his "esteem" for democracy.


"We should have prepared the political battleground before the fighting ever started, by creating a democratic Iraqi government-in-exile…"

Creating a democratic Iraqi government-in-exile? I would like to know how one could do that!

"But internal divisions within the Bush administration proved intractable, and future historians will no doubt marvel at the fact that more passion and more man hours were spent fighting Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress than combating the likes of Moqtada and the remnants of Saddam's security forces. Indeed, the internal battle consumed countless hours in recent weeks, as is demonstrated by the cascade of anti-Chalabi leaks from his many mortal enemies at the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency."

But these people were crying that the man was a crook! Well, Mr. Ledeen wanted to "construct" a democracy headed by this man who happens to be his friend (his own words) and he did not want anyone, including the State Department and the CIA to argue!

It is truly comic that the gentleman in question is now publicly supporting Moqtada.

"The depth of Iraqi revulsion at these two intemperate decisions can be probed by looking at the better Iraqi blogs (like Iraq the Model, or Hammorabi, or Iraq & Iraqis)."

Three blogs to gauge the "depth" of Iraqi public reaction! Please count this humble blog next time. A 75% majority against 25% looks better than one of 100% consensus!

"It would seem intuitively obvious that the rule of law is the bedrock of democracy, and that we should have devoted energy and passion to getting the process under way. Which brings us back to another failure: An Iraqi judge issued an arrest warrant for Moqtada six months ago, yet he was never arrested."

"An Iraqi judge" appointed by Mr. Paul Bremer cannot constitute "the rule of law"!! Incidentally, the very same judge has now issued a warrant for the arrest of his choice for the "democratic" leadership of Iraq: Mr. Chalabi.

He ends the article with a dictum from his mentor:

"Remember one of the early dicta of Machiavelli: If you are victorious, everyone will judge your methods to have been appropriate. If you lose, you're a bum."

Translation: Winning is everything…Might is right!
This is worse than "The end justifies the means".

Well, most of us know that he has already lost but he does not know it yet… unless you call causing so much damage to the US winning!

I f this is the caliber of the present administration's strategist, no wonder why the whole campaign has been such a mess.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Neocon Policy

The last quote may have been a slip of the tongue. This one is not. It is not funny either.

Michael Ledeen is one of the architects of the neocon program now being implemented under the nose of the American people in the name of freedom and democracy. I quote:

“every now and again the United States has to pick up a crappy little country and throw it against a wall just to prove we are serious.”*

I find those words so eloquent in aptly describing what has been happening to Iraq! Are we to conclude that all those mistakes were not due to shear incompetence and mismanagement on the part of the administration… but were actually intentional?


* Later, Mr. Ledeem… " admitted that, yes, he had said those words but that they had been taken out of context; but that in essence, yes, it was true, every now and again the United States has to prove to the rest of the World that it is a great power." I would be grateful for any clarification by any American Saddamist or neocon as to the proper "context" of those words.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


A True Gem

A light note every now and then does not hurt... especially since my last post seems to have made some American Saddamists rather angry!

I am grateful to two people for this item (which made my day when I read it); one is a comment poster who provided the link and the other is, of course, President George W. Bush who is the actual artist.

It can be found in an article in the NY Times entitled: "Failure of Leadership" by Bob Herbert, published August 6, 2004. I quote:


The pressure may be getting to Mr. Bush. He came up with a gem of a Freudian slip yesterday. At a signing ceremony for a $417 billion military spending bill, the president said:

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."


Friday, August 06, 2004


Why Do You Blame My People?

(An overview of my blogs and an attempt to respond to comments in one long post…with my apologies for its length! I too hate long posts and I think I have so far managed to keep my posts reasonably short. I will try to make this a rare exception.)

To American Saddamists

Definition: A Saddamist is one who takes any blame towards, or criticism of, the Administration or Government as hatred of the country! In this doctrine, the "head of state" is considered to be an embodiment of the whole country!

Why does my patriotism antagonize some people? I think you have every right to be proud of your heritage and your country's achievements. Can you give me that right too? Are we football hooligans; so that your "patriotism" excludes mine?


Clarification: People & Administration

I have never said a bad word about the American people. It would be wrong and irrational to do so.

I can't even speak ill of your government. The US government is a huge apparatus of institutions and people that mostly a-politically serves the nation the best way it can.

I only blame your, mostly political, ADMINISTRATION (and to be precise, certain segments of it) for making wrong decisions that have led to a great deal of suffering for my people and I firmly believe will cause considerable damage to your country. I want you to be even angrier than I am at that ADMINISTRATION. That's why I'm writing this blog. When you are angry enough, and because you live in a democracy, maybe things may change for the better… for both of us.

The Iraqi People Did Nothing

I can understand why you may disagree with me, and I respect that. But I cannot understand why so many lash back at the Iraqi people!

It is not fair to say that these people went to bed with the devil. Countless dead people testify to the fact that these people resisted tyranny relentlessly for decades. The fact that you didn't see it on the news does not mean that it didn't happen.

On top of that they had to endure those unfair UN sanctions that did not do much damage to the regime (they actually made its grip on power stronger) but led to untold suffering by the Iraqi people for more than a decade.

It is not fair to say that the Iraqi people did nothing.

What would have happened if you hadn't liberated us?

Probably more of the same. But one would have hoped that the will of the people would have ultimately found a way. Strictly speaking, the Iraqi people did not invite your army to liberate them. To be completely honest with you, Iraqis in their private conversations before the war, had mixed feelings about the issue. Part of them wanted to get rid of the villains at any cost, yet another part knew what occupation meant; every conqueror had told them that they had come to liberate them! Add to that that many were quite critical of the various American Administrations' track record in the area. Generally they were skeptical and apprehensive. Many remembered the unnecessary bombing and devastation of even cement plants and water treatment stations in the first Gulf war of 1991. Too many remembered that when they rose against Saddam, the Americans allowed him to fly helicopters, which he used to crush them [that's on the records in a number of memoirs].

On the other hand, some exile Iraqi politicians did advocate for the American intervention. Some of those politicians were outright crooks – convicted thieves and embezzlers some of whom have now been exposed by your own administration.

The decision was made by your ADMINISTRATION in the face of resistance by most of the world's governments and peoples.

The decision was made by your ADMINISTRATION for the wrong declared reasons. Remember Secretary Powell's impressive display of charts and data at the UN? So authoritative! Well, they were all WRONG! [I am sure the man, whom I happen to admire, must have had some sleepless nights over that presentation afterwards!]

Technically speaking, the Iraqi people never asked the US Administration in. Even now, more than a year later, the ADMINISTRATION does not care what the Iraqi people think. Poll after poll, some of them conducted by unbiased American institutions are showing that a majority of the people want the American army to leave the country immediately. Will their will affect the decision of the ADMINISTRATION?

Liberation or Invasion?

The American army came into the country.

People were cautiously watching and waiting. [And, yes, there was a golden hour!]

Then mistake after mistake was made. I dedicated an entire blog to listing those mistakes so that people may understand why the ADMINISTRATION could not win the hearts and minds of Iraqi people. But that blog was the most offensive to the American Saddamists… because it lists in boring details the MISTAKES made by the American ADMINISTRATION. [Part of this is probably my fault: the name "US Mistakes may have given the wrong impression to people who didn't read carefully!]

Do you remember all those specialist committees set up by the State Department to prepare for the running of Iraq after the war and how they were all pushed aside and ignored by some segments of the ADMINISTRATION immediately after the fall of Baghdad?

I dedicated another shorter blog to prominent non-partisan Americans' confirmation of these mistakes.

It is because of all those mistakes that the Iraqi people began to regard the American army as an invading conquering army. Many regarded it therefore as an enemy. Most people cannot be grateful to a conquering army. It is not enough that the army declares that it is not an invading army to be believed.

Why Do You Blame My People?

The American Saddamists want me to blame the Iraqi people! I happen to be very proud of the Iraqi people's performance through this ordeal.

They stood up to the forces of decay and disorder; they did not succumb to the chaos of civil war between the various sects, ethnicities and religions. They made do with what they had to get on with their lives. Without government, police, services, security, jobs, etc. etc. they managed to survive. I remind the American Saddamists of the chaos, the rapes and the looting that took place in NY City in 1979 for just one evening of power failure in the presence of government, police, etc. Would it be fair to blame the ENTIRE American people for the action of those people? Would it be fair to say that you looted, raped and damaged your own country? I know that every society has its villains, looters, extremists and what have you. It is the job and task of those in charge to keep those people in check, not the population. Do the American Saddamists have any idea how many nights we had with complete black-outs, with total absence of any government or police force? Do you have the capacity to admire those people's performance?

I blame the Iraqi people for a multitude of things but many of them are not related to this blog. One of the things I blame them for is exactly the thing I blame you, American Saddamists, for! So many people now think that America is evil and that America is bent on destroying Iraq and America this and America that. Many people here too cannot distinguish between the ADMINISTRATION and the people of America.

I can perhaps understand your disappointment at the Iraqi people's cold and ungrateful attitude. You don't understand why they resent this occupation and have done nothing to help you in helping them. But look at it this way - and please try to look at how the other side may think: Is it enough that you believe that you are helping them for them to be happy about it? Are your declared intentions enough? Is the fact that you got rid of Saddam enough to convince people to accept all those mistakes and excesses I listed? Does the doctor who cures a patient from an ailment have the right to make his life miserable afterwards? Intentions and declarations and what you believe are unfortunately not enough!

But to be fair, didn't they really help you? Didn't they let your army come into their shabby but proud capital almost un-resisted? Compare that with the fierce resistance the army faced in Fallujah for example after there was bad blood between your army and the people.


Those American Saddamists are apparently so insensitive to the pain, suffering and humiliation of other people, that it really shocks me!!

When 9/11 took place I, my family and everybody I know was shocked, stunned and repulsed by what happened. Our hearts went out for you. Yet when we have a 9/11 almost everyday in this country, American Saddamisats call this "discomfort"… "so what? You suffered for decades", "you have to be patient", "the Iraqi people are to blame", "we fought for our freedom!"!... All inferring: "You ungrateful lot!"

To those people I say, all life should be precious, whether American or Iraqi. To those Saddamists I say that the number of innocent people killed in our own 9/11's are several folds more than those innocent American lives lost on the American 9/11. Can you feel no pain for those? Are they not equally precious human beings with families and people who will feel their loss probably everyday for the rest of their lives?

This may come as a shock to some of you: I happen to believe that Al Qaeda was founded, recruited, assisted and financed by other American administrations through other short-sighted policies. The general idea was that the best way to fight the communist domination of Afghanistan was through religious fervor and Islamic fundamentalists. Does it lead me to blame the American people for 9/11? Does that lead me to be so insensitive to the loss of innocent life on 9/11?

And when, the day before yesterday, I blame the ADMINISTRATION for keeping our borders open for a year, again, I am blaming America for our own failings!!

It is not the task of the population to guard borders.

Hasn't your government been taking measure after measure to safeguard your borders and entry points to make it more difficult for terrorists to get in? This is the proper thing to do for any government. Why should it be different for Iraq? We had a whole army corps dedicated to protecting our borders. Were they all Saddamists so they had to be disbanded and "reconstructed" over a period of years?

And now…Freedom!

When all those arguments regarding weapons of mass destruction proved to be WRONG; when all the arguments that Iraq had something to do with Al Qaeda or 9/11 proved to be WRONG, the argument to free the Iraqi people was, and is, being forwarded to the American public. I believe that regardless of the administration's true intentions (which we don't really know for certain) many honest Americans who supported the war and still do, do that for this reason. And what an achievement!

There is so much freedom in Iraq today!

• Any villain, murderer, nut-case or terrorist is now completely free to come into the country and do as he pleases.

• Any looter, kidnapper or criminal is now free to roam the country and terrorize the people.

• Any drug dealer is now free to distribute his poison.

• Anyone who hates the UN, mosques or churches is now free to try and blow them up.

• Anyone who hates Iraqis is now free to sabotage their electricity, water plants, hospitals and schools.

• Any regional or international power is now free to pump money into newspapers and political parties to express their views to the Iraqi people.


• The Iraqi people have the greatest freedom of all: they can now yell from the pain!

But when we do yell from the pain, ah…stop complaining! It's your fault! You were oppressed! You hate America! You ungrateful lot! Why don't you blame the criminals?

So much freedom!

When someone makes a mistake that leads to the unintentional death of a person, I believe that this is called manslaughter. Does the law accept the apology of the offender and forgets about it? When someone makes mistake after mistake that leads to the death of thousands of people (Iraqi and American) and the miserable existence of millions, is it enough to say that it was done in good intention to save life? Is it an excuse that those people were already suffering before?

Why Don't You Mention the Good Things?

Guilty as charged!

I am not an impartial observer who can be completely objective. I can't afford to be. Can you blame a person who is yelling from pain for not being completely objective? Can an innocent person moved from the gas chamber to solitary confinement in death row feel much gratitude?

We Iraqis have generally developed some sensitivity to "government achievements" over the decades. For years, not a day passes without someone appearing on TV citing the "government's achievements". Actually Saddam himself used to say on numerous occasions that we were "bare-footed" before he came to power! Children in school were made to memorize those "government achievements". Are you interested to hear about them?

And now, not a week passes without someone from the US administration telling you and us of those good things that happened and of the "government achievements". Those people, I feel have enough forums and a loud enough voice.

Can you tell the average Iraqi who is jobless, fearful and insecure with his whole future in doubt and fog, that he should be grateful?

Nevertheless, and if it makes you feel better, I am grateful for the administrations effort to reduce Iraq's debts, especially odious debts that were incurred by the Iraqi people through other countries helping Saddam terrorize us and our neighbors.

On the other hand, I am not grateful for those billions of dollars of your tax money being unwisely spent to recruit more terrorists to do damage to my country and yours.


And finally, is this blog just about complaining or whining? Definitely not. I can complain to my wife all day long. God and/or our ordeals over the past decades have given her the gift of infinite patience!

It is about putting things right!

I'm also trying to enlist the help of the American people to put pressure on their ADMINISTRATION to institute a true democracy in Iraq, not to pursue the present plan to position their cronies in what looks like a democracy but is not!

This is a difficult subject and a tough task. If we can put the above arguments, that resulted from my own introduction of the subject, behind us, then perhaps we can start to discuss how! A starting point may be a blog I assigned to a scheme I had written back in 1999 under the previous regime. Saddam may have governed our lives but he couldn't control our minds.


P.S. I look at comments as a useful feedback and a link between people. As I said before, I welcome all comments. But may I respectfully ask commentators to refrain from using foul language. It doesn't serve much purpose, it reflects in a negative way on the person who uses it and deeply offends some people.

Monday, August 02, 2004


It is Christians Now

A few months ago there was an exceptionally horrible blast at one of the Shiite holy shrines in which hundreds were killed. A few days later, I was having a conversation with an old "stanch" Shiite who dismissed any talk of a possibility that the incident was the work of extremist Sunnis by saying "I don't believe there is any likelihood of that. The shrine has been sitting there facing Sunnis for a thousand years and no one ever did any harm to it, why would they now?"

Simple logic! That simple logic won the day. Shiite and Sunni people (not politicians) in Iraq are now closer than they have ever been.

This time it is churches, on a Sunday!

The same logic still applies. We have some of the world's oldest churches in this country. In recent history too, Iraq has been a sanctuary and a safe haven for many thousands of Armenians who fled the atrocities inflicted on them in their own country by the Ottomans.

Mark my words; this horrible new atrocity will only bring the Iraqi people closer.

The question is: who is responsible? Terrorists? Fanatics? Al Qaeda? Possibly. But who brought these people to our country? Who left our borders unguarded for more than a year? Who turned our country into a battlefield against terrorism?

I place the blood of all those innocent people on the hands of those people responsible for creating this situation that gives horrible people the freedom to do those horrible things.


Yes, I am angry, Pat in NC. In fact I am boiling with anger. But I still don't hate the USA regardless of what some people have been saying in their comments. I don't have enough capacity to hate a huge country that has millions upon millions of decent people I happen to share so many of their values.


I Don't Hate America!

I really wasn't prepared for the flux of comments I received over the past few days.

I have read them all; so many fresh insights and much food for thought. I am truly grateful to all, whether favorable or not.

However, some people seem to believe that I am an "America-hater". This is not only untrue, it is quite unfair. I kindly invite those people to read my posts again, more carefully this time.

If they still believe so, then I'm sorry; I can't help them. Those who think that if someone disagrees with a certain policy of the administration, then he must hate the country I believe are called "McCarthites" in the States. We call them "Saddamists". I just didn't realize that there were so many "Saddamists" in America.

Let me make my position clear once and for all, I hope:

• Those who cannot distinguish between friend and foe are so unfortunate. I pity them! [I know, the same argument will be used against me… but time will tell]

• People who hate entire nations, countries, races, religions or sects, have problems that cannot be cured by reason and argument. This blog is not for them.

This blog is directed to decent Americans who are simply unaware. It is dedicated primarily to democracy. If that makes me an enemy, then that says a lot about those who think so.

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