Monday, May 17, 2004


Hope Lies with the American People!

They seem to me to be the only decent “entity” that has sufficient power to control fanatics acting in their name!

The American public should be aware of the wrong things that are happening … devastating our country and creating an animosity to America that will recruit hordes of “terrorists” bent on destroying America!

Just remember that many Iraqis knew some of what was happening; the American army and administration already knew of them…it was only when the American public was aware of these monstrosities that the ball started rolling!
I believe that there is only one hope and it lies with the American people!

The reasons are simple:
• There are many decent people over there…millions of them!
• They are not aware of the damage being done to their country (and that damage has been enormous)…
• The same group of people is also damaging Iraq.
• This makes the Iraqis and the American public natural allies.
• Furthermore, the American people have the power to change things without the loss of a single innocent life.

All we want is a true democracy and the safe return of your boys (and girls) back to their families!
There’s no hidden agenda or some sinister grand scheme.

This is a person-to-person approach; an Iraqi hand held out to the Americans. It has two objectives: It offers
• insight into the Iraq we know, love and want to have (so that you can see us as people like you and fellow human beings)…and
• enlightenment on how America is being damaged by people supposedly representing the Americans.


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