Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Damage to America

When President Richard Nixon did evil things to America, there was an uproar, impeachment, a lot of soul searching and many, many changes to the American Establishment.

When America first invaded Iraq, many regimes in the area (and elsewhere) were petrified with fear; many even started some political reforms in their countries! Now, these people are laughing through their teeth!

• The huge American army and administrative machines could not manage to run one country of 25 million people properly after a year of trying. Things are now actually worse than when they started. Extremists? Terrorists? Remnants of the previous regime? That’s no excuse. These are all part of the problem the administration was supposed to solve! They have in fact “created” some of these problems!

• Those billions (many billions!) of taxpayer dollars poured into Iraq and the army machine! Shouldn’t there be some returns for that huge investment? There are huge “negative” returns!! That money was spent to defend America and fight terrorism. Well, they have done more to recruit more terrorists than any imaginable terrorist propaganda campaign.

• America’s standing in the world on moral issues is at an all-time low.

• Increased hatred and mistrust of America in so many parts of the world.

• After all this, can any honest American look anybody in the eye and, with a straight face, talk about democracy, liberty, justice and human rights?

Whose fault is that?
The American values and ideals have not changed, have they?

Isn’t that sufficient damage to warrant some serious soul searching by Americans?


I completely agree with all that you have written. As a concerned American wanting desperately to communicate with other Americans--and the brave Iraqis who are trying to take their country back--I recommend the following book:
Exiting Iraq: Why the U.S. Must End the Military Occupation and Renew the War against Al Qaeda

Hilarious. I also laugh through teeth, and through tears. Oh comic, tragic, soul searching, humanity! Weep i do, and laugh of course.

(Am getting around to linking all your blogs).

Everybody wants instant gratification, the whole world over.

Hello Khaleel,
America's core values are under attack by Bush in America as well as Iraq. Many of us are completely mortified by what is happening. We are praying and working hard for his defeat in November.

I realize that things are not going well, and that services and security are in many ways worse now than under Saddam. I'm not sure what to make of your comments about it, except that I know they reinforce the position in America that 1) We should never have gone to Iraq; 2) We are worse than Saddam; 3) We have invited the world's wrath because we are the real terrorists; 4) We are arrogant to think democracy can work in the Middle East and for trying to impose it; 5) We are only inviting more terrorism to strike the U.S. in the future. These are the implacable positions of the anti-war voices in America, and your comments certainly bolster their positions. If Kerry is elected, concern for Iraqi democracy will not be as a high a priority. We may well leave before it is established. And other governments in the region, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc., will certainly be laughing through their teeth then. So I'm troubled by your comments. Certainly, Americans have made many mistakes. I believe we have tried to avoid them as much as possible and make Iraq's transition as painless as possible; but such a transition cannot be painless. If transitioning from dictatorship to democracy in Iraq was painless it would be the first time in the history of the world that such a miracle ever happened. Americans are not miracle workers. But your comments suggest we are just the opposite: bringers of disaster. Obviously, if you are right, we should leave, and we should never have gone to Iraq in the first place. Thanks for your insights into what's really happening in Iraq. Everyone in America should read them, especially with the election coming up here in America.

ugh...the idiots who pretend they love America, but who hate their President make me want to vomit. Give it up...this entire blog and the anti-President Bush comments are nothing more than an election-year stunt.

This is for the comment on America not handling things in Iraq. Thinking that America can't stop alot of the insurgents is wrong. They are trying not to hurt any innocent people. But bad things happen in bad siuations. They could do like the days of old and carpet bomb eveything,destroy everything and everyone. But the Americans are trying to be to careful. The Iraqi people need to help them selves and the Americans. Believe me I know stopping the violence can be stopped by many weapons the military has not used, because of collateral damage. But all this can be stopped if the Iraqi people would step up help push out the insurgents instead of standing around complaining.
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