Sunday, May 23, 2004


Al Qaeda - American Style!

The present American administration, through its policy and actions, has:

• Killed more innocent people in Iraq…
• Demolished more buildings…
• Violated more homes…
• Abused, humiliated and raped more women and men (!)…
• Caused more people to suffer from lack of security and public services…

…than Al Qaeda has ever done in America!

Do the American people think that this is fair?


Everyone is looking today as to what is happening in Iraq and Saudia Arabia. But no one is talking about what Bin Laden and his group did on 9-11, nor has anyone truly justified that action. It is time for both Iraqi's and americans to stand up to their own blame, be accountable and accept their punishment. For terrorists to run around the world, blowing up buildings, killing innocent people because of their own opinions of others is WRONG!!!! Everyone screams "Stop the war in Iraq",, I scream, "STOP THE VIOLENCE WORLDWIDE"

To the anonymous poster above - Amen, brother (or sister, as the case may be)!

Finally, someone who sees this clearly. My Middle Eastern friends see this clearly - they call it a war between Muslims and Christians.

Even if they don't admit it, most Christians see it the same way.

Every time each group participates in violence, they pray the the same God - the God of Abraham. How can this God tell such vastly different stories to two different groups (or three, if you're counting accurately)? What kind of God plays these crazy games, pitting each group of followers against the others? Unless, of course, the god we're listening to isn't God at all. Will the real God please stand up?

Iraqi's, wake up and stop blaming others doing atrocities on you. Don't forget, it was you who came crying and asking US to come get you rid of Saddam Husein and his croneis instead of standing on your own against the tyrant. You could do it but the greedy among your own leaders wanted to make dollars and those who wanted to thrive by creating Shia - Sunny, Iraqi-Kurds and factions like these, You are the one who never wanted to live the simple life of your PROPHET Mohammad and his companions, you wanted to have lavish westernized, filthy life style because you thought that Islamic life style was out dated and not comming up to the "modern" world's standard. You all were burning with desirevto live the life like that of the Americans, The British and the Australians. So you asked them to come to rescue as if asking a cbra to kiss you. You stillhave not learned the lesson from your Koran that GOD NEVER BRING (good) CHANGE TO ANY NATION UNTILL THEY WANT TO BRING THOSE CHANGES BY THEMSELVES
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