Saturday, November 13, 2004


Arafat's Death

Imprisoned by the Israelis in his own headquarters for more than 3 years, the American administration refused to deal with him, hoping to marginalize him. He was not acceptable to them. He was a terrorist.

There was the leader of a state, without a state, dead, shrouded in the flag of Palestine, carried on the shoulders of French soldiers. The ceremonies in France, Egypt and Palestine were those fitting for a head of state and a leader. Most channels around the world were busy with the event of his death. The BBC gave continuous live coverage of all proceedings. I found their commentary generally emotional and touching. Scores of heads of states and senior political figures from around the world paid their respect.

Nothing has symbolized the isolation of America from the rest of the world than the death of Yasser Arafat and the reaction of most of the world to his death. [Something has to be done about the rest of the world.] The tragedy is that I think most Americans are either unaware or don't care.

What has this got to do with Iraq?

Two things:

1. The man was democratically elected, regardless of what you think of him and
2. The "other" people who did not like him regarded him as too moderate!

The next time you hear someone from the American administration talking about democracy, remember Yasser Arafat.


I fear your perception of the reaction of the world to Arafat's death is tainted by the news media you receive it through.

Even Hafaz Assad received laudits at his death, even though eveyone quietly said afterwards that he was a vicious tyrant.

Similarly, they are now making polite comments, whilev privately stating what everyone thinks: he was an obstacle to pease who had not the courage to say yes when it was offered.

Hello Abu Khaleel,
He created Palestinian nationalism and kept faith with his people, but was not able to lead them to their 'promised land'. History will be kinder to him after independent Palestine becomes a reality. The reality of the desperate condition of the people requires a political compromise now.

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