Tuesday, August 17, 2004


US Mistake 11: Cronycracy

I was hoping not to have to make any more updates to that much-hated blog "US Mistakes in Iraq" but I find that current developments don't leave me an option.

I have therefore added another mistake: Crony-cracy.


Abu Khaleel:

It sounds like the selection process for the National Conference and the National Congress were not nearly as democratic as they should have been. Hopefully, the January elections will be held on time and in a manner that more accurately reflects the political will of the Iraqi people.

Are there peaceful political means to express the demand that those elections be held on time and under inclusive rules? I am thinking of something like the peaceful mass demonstrations called for by Sistani that forced changes in Bremmer's first political blue print for Iraq.

My advice would to be get involved in the political process. I have done so in my local community, and can tell you that it is difficult and thankless task. However, we were sucessful in defeating unwise proposals by monied and entrenched political interests. A battle that everyone told us was doomed to failure. Had we not organized and acted, our cause would have surely been defeated.

I wish you the best of luck.

Mark In Chi-Town
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