Sunday, July 25, 2004


Intelligence Deficiency!

Recently, and after Mr. Ahmed Chalabi dropped out of favor with the administration, we began to hear "intelligence reports" of how he has been working for the Iranian intelligence to mislead the USA about the Iraqi weapons program.

Among the "evidence" cited was a report thought to have been written by an Iraqi expert and later discovered to contain terminology normally used by Iranian scientists.


I was just reading an article published in February 2003 by Dr. Imad Khadduri, a prominent Iraqi nuclear scientist (who had fled Iraq in 1998 and is now living in Canada). A short passage drew my attention.

What he roughly says is that back in 1994, the UN inspectors in Iraq produced a report alleging some Iraqi nuclear program activity. It was studied by the Iraqis and they found that, although the document was well prepared, some of the terminology was evidently Iranian. The official response even included an Arabic-Persian dictionary to prove the point. Everything official. Everything documented. Back in 1994!

Before 1994, and for more than 10 years after, Mr. Chalabi was America's man for Iraq!

In May 2004, the US intelligence services (and consequently, the media) suddenly "discovered" that ploy and "found out" about Mr. Chalabi's Persian connections and their scheme to deceive America about the Iraqi arms program.

A period of 10 years seems to me to be rather long (by any standard) for such information to climb up the administration's ladder. Appalling inefficiency!


I wonder if they already knew, but just used this as an excuse to kick him out of the process. Maybe they liked using him for their purposes, but when it came to the real deal, they didn't care for an Iranian to run Iraq.

Just a thought. I do wonder what the real reason was though--I doubt they were THAT blind. But you never know. :)

Let us get Iraq on its feet and then deal with Iran.

Iran and Iraq both deserve democracy, don't you all think?

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