Monday, July 19, 2004


Neo-Theory of Terrorism Control

The theory goes something like this:

• Find a place on earth outside America, occupy it, offend, oppress and humiliate its people so grotesquely that anyone with latent anti-American feelings will motivated enough to fight back. We kill him!
Therefore, terrorism will be defeated!

• The battle will be fought on foreign soils to limit damage done to America.

• Those wretched terrorists will be fighting the well-prepared, armed and equipped American army and not poor unprepared civilians!

This scheme overlooks a few things:

• America will be hated or despised by other people (not on the battlefield) in many other countries of the world - including some of its traditional friends and allies in “Old Europe” and elsewhere.

• In this scenario, many innocent people will be killed. Millions will suffer! Iraqis are living (and dead) proof!

• More terrorists will be created and recruited than those killed.

A fine theory!


Abu Khaleel,

You are exactly right on the second dot-point. I thought you might like a quote.

Frank Gaffney, President of the neo-con think-tank Washington's Centre for Strategic Policy, had this to say on the ABC's 7.30 Report a few months back.

FRANK GAFFNEY: We have, I think, for a long time thought this problem [terrorism] only arose because we made this elective war in Iraq.

I think that's nonsense.

The global war the recruiting of Al Qaeda, the dispersal of our enemies, the threat to American interests and allied interests, in fact, frankly, Western civilisation has been going on for years now.

Possibly if you wish to trace it back to what the Saudis have been doing with their funding, decades.

We've only begun to come to grips with that.

That are we waging this war in a concerted way in Iraq?

Yes we are.

And frankly I think it's better to wage it there than on the streets of New York, or Sydney for that matter.

To which Kerry O'Brien, the reporter, responded

KERRY O'BRIEN: I wonder whether the Iraqis mightn't feel a little differently about that?

Gaffy's response?

FRANK GAFFNEY: I think they won't like it either but they want to be a free people and that's the issue that I think we have to ensure they get the chance to be.

Forgive me, Mr Gaffney, but I find your sudden interest in freedom and the welfare of the People of Iraq a little hard to swallow after you just admitted to using them and their land as BAIT for terrorists.

Great blog(s) by the way.
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