Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Prisoner Abuse - Iraqi Grapevine

Never under-estimate the Iraqi grapevine!

From centuries of occupations and “liberations”, Iraqi people learned not to trust the “official media”. They have developed their own info network – fast and incredibly efficient (but prone to rumors)!

So, when those horrific pictures of prisoner abuse were published, there was a world-wide public uproar. Well, Iraqis knew all along!

Press conferences and public statements by US officials (possibly believed by US and European people) were laughed at by Iraqis!

For months, the fact that Abu Ghraib prison was shelled by “terrorists” was periodically reported. I wonder if anyone asked himself why those mad “terrorists” were so eager to bomb their own people!

The truth is that women prisoners have been sending plea after plea to anyone with a "grain of honor" left in him to bomb them and bury them with their disgrace!

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