Sunday, September 26, 2004


Disgruntled Soldier

"I love my country and my army enough to tell them when they are wrong." Al Lorentz- private communication.

In an article published on September 20th, an American reservist, stationed in Iraq assesses the reasons why the US will not win this war. Here are some highlights; the article is worth reading in full.


"I have come to the conclusion that we cannot win here for a number of reasons...

"First, we refuse to deal in reality. We are in a guerilla war, but because of politics, we are not allowed to declare it a guerilla war and must label the increasingly effective guerilla forces arrayed against us as "terrorists, criminals and dead-enders." …

"Second, our assessment of what motivates the average Iraqi was skewed, again by politically motivated "experts." …

"Third, the guerillas are filling their losses faster than we can create them…

"Fourth, their lines of supply and communication are much shorter than ours and much less vulnerable…

"Fifth, we consistently underestimate the enemy and his capabilities…


If you read that article you will find that this is a mature man with the wisdom of years clearly visible in his words. Evidently, he is a patriotic American who is concerned with losing this war and the damage being done to America. He is here on the ground; he obviously knows what he is talking about.

From the other side of this war, I confirm everything Mr. Lorentz stated. I don't just see it on the news; I see these facts on the ground everyday.

I must add that the gentleman is discussing the "guerilla war" directed at the US army and not the "terrorist wars" directed at the Iraqi people by an assortment of parties! He is evidently mainly preoccupied with the US army and his country.


I remember musing that America may be run by fanatics at the moment, but the system still works and allows people to voice concerns such as these. Ultimately people may listen!

I communicated with him. I was truly surprised to find out that, currently, charges against Al Lorentz are being reviewed… and they may be quite severe - court martial, disloyalty, inciting disobedience, disrespect and possibly treason!

Treason? Please read his words carefully and find out for yourselves.


Hello Abu Khaleel,
"I remember musing that America may be run by fanatics at the moment, but the system still works and allows people to voice concerns such as these. Ultimately people may listen!"
I must tell you that America is undergoing tremendous changes right now to subvert the America you are referring to. And naturally as an American, I am more concerned with America's future than Iraq's, although I do care about the creation of a peaceful, prosperous, democratic Iraq. The US is being transformed into a quasi-police state by Bush. This is ten times the threat that AlQaeda is and will darken an increasingly chaotic, immoral world. I am not surprised that Mr. Lorenz is being investigated and I hope he is able to stay out of trouble. When the Bush chimera goes, then a familiar America will return to the relief of the entire world.

Tell me, Mr "Khaleel", exactly what you would like to see occur regarding the future of Iraq.

How exactly would an American troop withdrawl advance this plan?

In the current circumstances, I can only see Islamist terrorist organizations benefiting from such an event. Certainly not the people of Iraq -- who would be subjected to a brutal civil war in which hundreds of thousands would probably die as the Arab nationalist, Islamist, and Sadrist armed factions fight for control of this strategically located oil-rich territory.

Do you seriously think that if US forces leave Iraqis are going to join hands and sing songs and the terrorists will put down their weapons and agree to peaceful elections?

On the contrary, you would shortly be living in a Taliban-like state ruled by people who practice brute force, beheadings, hand choppings, random murder, and kidnapping as routines method of of forcing people to submit to their rule.

On the other hand, maybe that is exactly what you want.

Lorentz is right on a key point. The US army rules of engagement must be changed. Other armies operating in Iraq have very different rules of engagement and use of air assets on built up civilian areas is not part of them.

Changing the rules of engagement would not allow US soldiers to open fire so easily and require them to be much more careful about what weaponry they used.

This approach may make people think that it puts the soldiers lives at risk however the long term benefits, as Lorentz indicated, will definitely save many soldiers' lives.

Al Lorentz, the officer in Iraq who wrote a highly critical article on the administration's conduct of the war is being investigated for disloyalty — if charged and convicted, he could get 20 years.


Mr. Khaleel,
I found your interesting and informative blog while researching the writings of Sgt. Lorentz. He is an American patriot, indeed. I wish you and your country the best in these trying times. I will most certainly be voting for John Kerry. IMO, he is the only hope for my country, and for yours.
Dick Estep

Salon has posted a story about this.

"Prosecutions are rare, however, says Grant Lattin, a military lawyer and retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, because members of the military "have the constitutional right to express their opinions pertaining to the issues before the public. Short of there being classified material and security issues, people can write letters about military subjects. If you look at the Army Times, you'll see letters from people on active duty complaining about this and that."

For instance, in September 2003, Tim Predmore, an active-duty soldier with the 101st Airborne Division, based in northern Iraq, wrote a scathing letter to his hometown newspaper, the Peoria Journal Star in Illinois. "For the past six months, I have been participating in what I believe to be the great modern lie: Operation Iraqi Freedom," Predmore's letter began. "From the moment the first shot was fired in this so-called war of liberation and freedom, hypocrisy reigned," he continued, labeling the war "the ultimate atrocity" before concluding, "I can no longer justify my service on the basis of what I believe to be half-truths and bold lies."
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